Attendance and admissions

Main School Admissions are dealt with by Leeds City Council. Further details can be found here.


The Admissions Procedure

 Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision, so please telephone to arrange to meet Ms Ritson, one of our Learning Mentors, or Mr Horton, our Head Teacher, and to spend some time looking around. We always welcome enquiries from parents wishing to find out more about Oulton Primary School. 


 Applying for a Full-time Primary School Place in Leeds

   Leeds Children's Service operates a central admissions policy and an application for a primary school place is made directly to the Pupil Admissions department.  In Leeds , schools are set a pupil admission limit.


Most children begin full-time schooling in the September of the academic year in which they are 5 years old.  In the autumn of the year before a child is due to start in Reception, parents are asked to submit their primary school preference form.  These are then processed centrally by  Leeds Admissions team. 


In allocating children to a particular school, Leeds  Admissions looks at each school in turn and begins by considering everyone who has placed it first choice, giving priority to the children who already have brothers or sisters in that school.  The remaining places are then allocated to pupils living closest (as the crow flies) to the school. 


Admission to Nursery

 In Leeds, children are eligible for a place in Nursery when they are 3, depending upon whether the school and carers feel that the child is ready, and are allocated a place in line with our Nursery Admissions Policy.  We have a 78 place Nursery (39 each session) with part-time provision offering either five mornings or afternoons a week, or two and a half days at the beginning or two and a half days at the end of each week.  Unlike full-time primary school places, Leeds’ schools process the admission of pupils into their Nurseries themselves.

If you would like to visit the Nursery, meet the staff and Headteacher, please contact us to make an appointment.  If you are interested in putting your child’s name down for a Nursery place, please give details to one of our administrative staff. 



(Eligibility Criteria Apply) 

Please note that all Nursery admissions should make direct contact with the school on

 0113 282 1344



In-year transfers

If you wish to transfer school or are applying for a school place other than starting primary school for the first time you need to approach the school you wish to apply for directly. 


 The school will give you a form to complete. DOWNLOAD a copy here. Another copy of the In Year Preference Form is included at the bottom of this page.


You need to return the completed form to the school either in person or by post. If the school is able to offer you a place, you will receive a letter confirming this from the school.  If the school is unable to accommodate your request and you are finding it difficult to locate a school in the area with places; then contact Leeds City Council Admissions who will locate a school for you.


 For more details about the admissions procedure or for any new applications you can contact  Leeds Admissions Team on 0113 2243884 or use the link below:-


The department will be able to provide all admissions information, including selection arrangements, oversubscription criteria and details of the application process


 Intake Arrangements

 We contact parents with information about our induction arrangements, in the term before they are due to start in Nursery or Reception.

Starting school is a big stage in a child’s life and we work hard to make sure that parents and children have as smooth and enjoyable start to their school career at Oulton, as possible.  There are always many opportunities for children to spend time visiting their new teacher and classroom, and parents are given all the necessary practical and procedural information by the teaching staff. We offer an Open Evening in the Autumn term for parents/carers new to school, and usually an Open Afternoon in the Spring term, once families have been offered a school place for the following September.

School uniform - please see the guidance document on our Policies page.