School's Response to a Prolonged School Closure

Despite being closed due to the Coronavirus, Oulton is still here to support our pupils.

School has provided physical packs for pupils containing a workbook, pencil and ruler.

Each year group has an individual web page containing details of weekly tasks- these will be updated on a weekly basis by teaching staff. Where pupils’ internet access is not available, physical packs to be produced for these children so they are not at a disadvantage. Refreshed packs will be delivered during home visits (see below) to those who require these.

Each year group has an email address that parents can use to clarify tasks/expectations.

School mobile number is manned by a member of the school’s leadership team for parents to contact school in case of emergency. All other communication relating to work is to be sent to the specific year group email addresses or which is monitored.

Pupils have access to weekly task overview containing details of daily tasks such as reading, maths fluency, access to online services, road to Tokyo physical challenges, and any other year group specific work. Weekly task overview will also have a selection of project/enquiry-based tasks for the children to select from. Most year groups will expect the children to select 4 of these tasks to complete each day.

Each of the tasks completed will be worth team points for their house team. These will be collated once we return to school.

Work completed by children should be either done in their workbooks or completed electronically. Electronically completed work can be emailed to year group email addresses but there is no requirement for staff to provide and feedback (they may not be well themselves). However, work that is emailed in will be collated on our return and added to the physical work produced by each child.

During term time, staff will aim to keep in contact with pupils. This will be done via email, PurpleMash, phone calls or, where appropriate, with a home visit.

Children who are subject to safeguarding concerns or require additional support (as decided by the school) will receive a regular home visit . Staff will not enter pupils’ homes but will request to visually see each pupil. At this time, information from the parents/carers can be passed to staff and the school will aim to aid if possible. If families do not open the door or are not in, staff will leave a letter informing that school had visited. Follow up phone calls will be made to these families and a mutual time arranged for school to home visit. Where contact cannot be made with families/children seen- the case will be referred to other services to establish the children’s welfare.

Children who are entitled to Free School Meals will receive a voucher from Edenred for £15, per child, per week. Where the school does not hold a valid email address for you, we will provide you with a paper voucher code that you need to activate online. The school can assist families without internet access to do this.

School has access to food bank vouchers that can be issued to families who require additional support.

This offer will be updated and reviewed as necessary

Emergency Contact Number: