Year R Videos

Reception Videos

Here are a collection of videos to dip in and out of as many times as you like. These are additional from the daily videos uploaded on the home learning page.

There are phonics practise videos where children can practise to segment and blend using Fred talk as well as Set 2 sounds for the relevant children. You could extend your child’s learning after watching the video by getting them to write some of the words, or even attempt to write a sentence using some of the words.

There are also some maths counting songs at the bottom of the page so please take a look!

Daily Speed Sound Practise

Fred Talk Practise- Alien words

Reading sentences Set 1 sounds- Red words ‘the’ and  ‘go’

Fred Talk Practise- Fred’s Fridge

Fred Talk Practise- Crossing the river

Fred Talk for Reading- Alien Words

Fred Talk- Snakes and Ladders

Set 1 Sounds- Space Race Spelling

Set 2 sounds- Space Race Spelling

Mrs Westmoreland’s Set 2 Sounds

ay- may I play

ee- what can you see

igh- fly high

oo- poo at the zoo

oo- look at a book

ow- blow the snow

set 2 recap so far

ar- start the car

or- shut the door

air- that’s not fair

ir- whirl and twirl

ou- shout it out

oy- toy to enjoy

Set 2 recap (2)

Maths counting songs

5 little stars

1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive

Doubling machine song

5 currant buns

10 fat sausages

Days of the week song