Spring Term: Year 6

By January 24, 2019Year 6

This term our topic is World War II.

We have already watched Goodnight, Mr Tom and had a fantastic visit to Eden Camp. This has given us a great start to understanding what life was like for families during the war. We will continue to read a range of texts which are set during that time and base our writing around them.

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We will be developing our sewing skills to create some appliqued pieces linked to World War II and having a go at writing our own World War II songs ready for a good old sing-a-long.

In Maths, we will finish our work on fractions, decimals and percentages before moving on to some geometry. Keep practising times tables at home! Recall of them is a big help in lots of the maths we do.

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In Science, we will be looking at the circulatory system. This will include carrying out investigations in to how exercise affects our heart-rate.


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