Summer in Year 3

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This term, Year 3 will be reading:

One small girl.

An unexpected detective.

A handful of suspects. 

All aboard the night train, where no one is as they seem!

Our English work will be based around Max’s thrilling journey across Europe and helping her to solve the mystery of the missing diamond.


Spelling is initially taught as discrete lessons, where pupils learn rules and carry out activities that allow them to investigate these rules. Pupils are not given spelling lists to learn and will be tested each week based on the application of rules taught.

(View the attached rules – PDF)


Our maths lessons follow the Maths No Problem scheme. This is an approach taught across the whole school. This half term, pupils will be learning about length, mass and volume. These will also form part of problem solving.

Topic – Crime and Punishment

This half term our topic work will be based on Crime and Punishment. They will look at the rules of law and how these have changed and been implemented over time.


Science is taught as through Science Weeks. This half term, Year 3 will be learning about plants. Pupils will identify and describe different parts of flowering plants. They will explore the requirements of life for plants and understand their life cycle.

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