We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day. Everyone looked fantastic in their outfits. The children took part in a book hunt around school which created quite a buzz. Thank you to all those parents and children who donated some beautiful books and congratulations to those of you who found a book to take home.

In the morning, the children did a range of activities to celebrate reading in their classrooms.  They shared who they had dressed as and told us a little about the story their character is from. All the classes shared stories throughout the day. Nothing beats a good story time.

In the afternoon, each classroom had chosen a different book and the children were able to move between the different classes and participate in a range of different activities. They could go through the wardrobe and enter the world of Narnia, find Pinocchio’s missing body parts, make mythical beasts or create their own sweet to go in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory among many other things.

What a wonderful way to celebrate our love of reading!

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