Covid-19 Information

Start and Finish Times

We are operating staggered drop-off/collection times to ease congestion on the site and to allow parents/family groups to easily socially distance.

Timings are subject to change if they are not working. Please see the maps at the end of this page which details specific information for each class such as entry gates, routes around the site and the safety control measures that are in place.

Please do not arrive before your timetabled arrival/collection time as this results in the site becoming crowded.


If you have more than one child: Drop-off/pick up your children at the latest time.

For example:

  • If you have a child in Nursery and a child in Year One (Stingrays), drop both children off at 8.50am: drop the Nursery child off first by following the green route and then continue around to KS1 using the blue route. Pick both children up at 3.15pm by following the same route.
  • If you have a child in Reception (Jellyfish) and a child in Year Three/Four (Flying Fish), drop both children off at 9.00am: drop the Reception child off first and then continue around to KS2. Pick them up at 3.25pm by first following the red route (Year Three/Four pick-up) and then join the green route (YR pick-up) to collect the Reception child.

Child Minders: Please drop all Oulton pupils, regardless of year group, at the main office doors at 9.00am and collect from the main office doors at 3.25pm.

Year One
Year Two
Year Three/Four
Year Five
Year Six
Jellyfish: 9.00am
Stingrays: 8.50am
Adélie Penguins: 9.00am
Swordfish: 8.50am
Sailfish: 9.00am
Jellyfish: 3.25pm
Stingrays: 3.15pm
Adélie Penguins: 3.25pm
Swordfish: 3.15pm
Sailfish: 3.25pm

*Year Five and Year Six pupils will be walked to the Green Lea gate by staff for collection at the end of the day.

# Children in Flying Fish and Barracudas will be dropped off at their classroom doors but will be collected from the KS2 playground. Octopus class will be dropped off and collected from their classroom door.


From September, the expectation is that children wear school uniform:

  • White or royal blue polo shirts – light blue polo shirts are not agreed uniform and should not be worn
  • Logo or plain royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Black or grey trousers/skirts/pinafore dress
  • Black or grey formal shorts
  • Blue checked/striped summer dress or combination summer dress (white polo top and checked/striped bottom)
  • Black footwear- black trainers or black formal school shoes

P.E. Kit:

All P.E. will be outside from September due to current protective measures. On their P.E. days, children need to attend school in their P.E. kit which is:

  • White short sleeved T-shirt (plain)
  • Blue/black shorts
  • Plain black/grey tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black/grey/royal blue tracksuit top/Oulton sweatshirt
  • Trainers suitable for P.E and another pair of shoes/trainers to wear during the day (P.E. trainers can be left at school for children to change into)

Uniform & PE Kit


School has provided children with individual packs of the resources that they use regularly, such as pens, pencils etc. Children do not need to bring their own equipment for use in school apart from the items listed below.

Water Bottles:

All children need to bring a water bottle to school each day as we are unable to provide cups (including at lunchtime). If you child does not have a bottle, one will be provided and charged to your online payment account.

Other Equipment:

Pupils bring reading books/planners home. A small book bag is required to carry these. Please do not allow your child to bring anything else unnecessary in these bags.

From September, Breakfast and Teatime Club is open. Due to Covid restrictions, this will run a little differently to normal and will be based in the hall. Children accessing the provision will be grouped by phase and will only be able to mix with children in particular year groups.

Drop-off/collection will be at the hall doors (these will be clearly marked). Please enter and exit the site using the main gate on Green Lea.

We are operating a pre-booking system. We are unable to accept children who have not booked in advance. We expect there to be enough capacity but in the case of exceptional demand, places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Breakfast Club

7.30-8.00am: £3.00 per child, per session.

8.00-8.45am: £2.00 per child, per session.


Teatime Club

3.15-4.15pm: £4.50 per child, per session.

3.15-5.45pm: £7.00 per child, per session.

If your child comes to both Breakfast and Teatime Club, for the full period each day (7.30-8.45am and then 3.15-5.45pm), the daily rate is £9.

Breakfast and Teatime Club

Other Information

Following the latest Government guidance, here is a summary of the measures that we have in place to minimise transmission:

  • Regular handwashing will take place throughout the day. Hot water and soap are available in each classroom along with new hand sanitiser stations. It remains important that you ensure your child/ren wash their hands before leaving home and when returning home from school.
  • Ensuring good respiratory hygiene will be promoted using the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach. Tissues and lidded bins are provided in each classroom.
  • Most of the time, children will be in their own class bubble to minimise mixing with others. At breaktimes, children will play in year group bubbles which will be kept apart from other year groups. During the day, there might also be some interventions/lessons which children will access with other children from different classes in their year group. We are doing this as the guidance makes it clear that the use of ‘bubbles’ should not impact on curriculum delivery.
  • Staff movement between bubbles will be limited and bubbles will mainly be staffed/covered by the same group of consistent adults.
  • We are continuing an enhanced cleaning regime with additional cleaning at points throughout the day of classrooms, toilets, other shared areas, and frequently touched surfaces. Each classroom also has a stock of cleaning supplies for staff to use throughout the session.
  • Children have individual packs of resources they will need to use regularly, such as pens. Shared resources used to support learning will be cleaned regularly and any equipment used across bubbles will be thoroughly cleaned and/or quarantined before being shared.
  • Children will start to bring reading books home again; these will be quarantined for 72 hours between children.
  • Lunch and breaktimes will be staggered to ensure that classes/year groups can be kept separate. Seating in the hall will be staggered to allow space between children whilst eating.
  • Assemblies and whole school gatherings will continue to be done virtually.
  • KS1 and KS2 Classrooms have been organised with minimal additional furniture to allow more space and children will generally sit in rows to minimise face-to-face contact. Children will have set spaces which remain consistent. Nursery and Reception classrooms have been organised to allow more space between areas of provision and regular rotation of resources.
  • Although children in their bubbles are not expected to socially distance, this will be encouraged where possible and adults will try to remain 2m apart from pupils and other adults.
  • Public Health England does not recommend the use of face coverings in school and there is no expectation that staff or pupils wear them. There could be some occasions during the school day where it is appropriate for staff members to wear masks or visors but only when determined by a specific risk assessment.
  • The school will proactively send pupils and staff home who show the current symptoms of Covid infection. Before readmittance to school, a negative Covid-19 test result must be obtained or a completed period of self-isolation.
  • Where a positive test is received, decisions will be made alongside the Local Authority Health Protection Team as to which bubbles need to be sent home to self-isolate. If there were several cases, the whole school could be closed to allow pupils and staff to self-isolate.
  • Visitors who access the site will be limited to services who support pupils and families such as speech therapists, coaches, school nurses, social workers etc. who will follow our Covid policy.
  • Extra-curricular clubs will not take place initially apart from outdoor sports coaching sessions with specific year groups.
  • PE will only take place outside for all year groups. Leeds City Council have confirmed that school swimming lessons will remain suspended until October at the earliest.

School's Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Covid-19 Risk Assessment