Welcome to our Pupil Voice page. We are dedicated to improving the school and taking action on ideas suggested by Oulton Primary school pupils.

At Oulton Primary School, our Pupil Voice representatives empower children to take responsibility and make changes which will positively influence their learning and community experience. This is an important part of school life and it offers a platform for the voice of the children in our school. The children have a unique insight into the impact of whole school decision making and they are always thinking of small details and improvements which can make a big difference to our school.

Being a Pupil Voice member is a great opportunity for children to develop both their personal skills and a sense of social awareness, including exploring the nature of democracy. From experiencing how to voice their opinions and points of view constructively, to being responsible for others’ welfare, both at school and in the wider community and world.

Pupil Voice meetings are held every Wednesday afternoon where each class representative brings ideas from their classes’ suggestion box to discuss with the rest of the group. Each member has a different responsibility during the meeting and therefore, everyone is actively involved. The Pupil Voice leader, Miss Shaw, attends and overseas each meeting and is then able to feedback decisions, ideas and information directly to teachers, Senior Leadership Team and School Governors at their meetings.

Each year, two representatives from each class (one being a vice) are democratically elected to represent their class as members of the Oulton Primary School Pupil Voice team. This is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to voice their ideas, opinions and to see democracy in action as a component of British Values. In each classroom, there is a ‘Suggestion box’ for pupils to post their ideas which will then be raised and discussed in the weekly meetings. This ensures that all pupils in school know their opinions and ideas are valued.