Holidays in term time

Parental Request for Absence from School for Holiday

With effect from September 2013 the government abolished the right of Head Teachers to authorise absence specifically for holidays, Head Teachers will only be allowed to grant leave of absence for any reason if they are satisfied exceptional circumstances exist.

A leave of absence form must be completed when arranging to remove a child from school for any length of time. Requests for holidays will not be authorised (G absence code - unauthorised). Evidence must be provided for applications of leave with special circumstances. The Head teacher will confirm if a request is deemed exceptional circumstances (C absence code - authorised).

Parents run the risk of receiving a fixed penalty notice if then choose to take their child/ren out of school during term time.

It is important to note that the circumstances that will allow the Head Teacher to authorise a holiday during term time are extremely limited - in fact, Mr Horton has almost no ‘discretion’ and most requests will be unauthorised. It is the policy of Oulton Primary School to always pass the details of unauthorised holidays to the Local Authority.

You can find a copy of the school's holiday request form on this page. Click the button, print, complete and return to the school office. Paper copies are available on request from the office.

Exceptional Circumstances
Request Form

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