Lower Key Stage 2

Welcome to Lower Key Stage Two. This is the first stage of the transitional journey from Key Stage 1 into Key Stage 2. Learning takes place across parallel year group classes and staff work with pupils to become more skilled at making their own choices to become independent learners.

We hope to foster a love of learning and engage pupils with range of experiences and fun tasks throughout the year.

As in earlier year groups, we hold a significant importance on reading. Fostering a love of reading can have a significant impact on other areas of the curriculum and learning. Pupils should be reading daily for around 20 minutes and recording this within their planners. Alongside this, pupils should ensure they learn their times tables and practise their spelling rules. These small, additional activities at home make a huge difference to learning in the classroom.

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Our Lower Key Stage 2 Classes and Teachers

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Year 3


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Year 4

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