This half term, we will be starting a new class text. ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ by Emma Carroll. A discovery from ancient Egypt… A cursed package… The untold story of a young pharaoh…When Lilian Kaye finds a parcel on her grandad’s doorstep, she is shocked to see who sent it: a famous Egyptologist, found dead that very morning, according to every newspaper in England! The mysterious package holds the key to a story . . . about a king whose tomb archaeologists are desperately hunting for. Lil and her friends must embark on an incredible journey – to return the package to its resting place, to protect those they love, and to break the deadly pharaoh’s curse . . .


In our English, we will be looking at developing our writing skills by studying different grammatical tools. We will investigate these tools and consider the impact they have on our writing and how a good writer can use these to their advantage.

Both Year 5 and 6 are going to be studying dialogue and understanding how this is an effective tool to move narratives forward and develop the reader’s understanding of the characters. We will then continue to focus on narrative skills as we create an extended narrative.

The year 6 children will also have their SATs this half term week commencing 13th May. The children will sit two English papers a Spelling and Grammar test on the Monday and a reading comprehension test on the Tuesday.


We are always working on our mental maths skills and strategies in Year 5 and 6. This half term is no different as we will continue to discuss and practise the best mental strategies for solving problems.

Alongside this, Year 6 will be looking at Geometry and angles. We will also be focusing on algebra and recapping the key areas of maths in preparation for the SATs. The maths tests will consist of an arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers on the Wednesday and Thursday of the week commencing 13th May.

Year 5 will be moving on to Geometry – where we will be learning how to measure, draw and calculate different angles. Followed by a unit of area.


In History, we are going to be exploring Ancient Egypt. During this topic, we will be learning about things such as: Egyptian civilisation, the pyramids of Giza and who were the Ancient Egyptians. Alongside this, we will be learning about Howard Carter to find out why he was a significant person during that historic time period. This is a topic we know the children are excited about learning!  We will also be visiting Leeds City Museum, where we will take part in an Ancient Egypt Workshop and come face to face with a real Egyptian Mummy.


In Spanish this half term, both year groups will be focusing on ‘My world’. In this unit, the classes will apply previous skills and knowledge of topic areas such as family, animals and homes to extend their conversation abilities. Children will learn how Spanish adjectives must ‘agree’ with the noun they describe, in relation to both number and gender. 


In Art this half term, we will be focusing on printing. This will include studying different designs from Ancient Egypt, exploring different techniques used in printing and creating our designs.


For our music, we are going to be studying ‘At the Movies’ unit, exploring how music is used for effect in film and investigating the different creation of sounds impacts the audience. We will then compose our own piece of music for a short film.


Our PE focus for this half term are athletics and tennis. All classes will be accessing two hours of PE every week and all children in Year 5 will continue to access swimming lessons every Monday. During the term swimming will be moving back to Rothwell, as the new pool is completed. Class teachers will keep you up to date as to when this will be. Please see below which sports your class will be learning.

Jellyfish: Athletics and Swimming

Starfish: Athletics and Swimming

Octopus: Athletics and Tennis

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