After an exciting Spring 1 term learning about the differences between our local town and the countryside, the children have started this half term full of enthusiasm for our new topic, Madagascar, which is a large island off the coast of Africa.

As part of our new topic, the children will be learning about:

  • The climate in Madagascar and how it is different from the climate in England.
  • The Baobab trees in Madagascar and all the different uses of the tree.
  • The animals that are unique to Madagascar, including lemurs.
  • Some of the similarities and differences between the islands of the UK and Madagascar.

In their Phonics lessons and writing activities, the children will continue to learn to use their Fred fingers to write the letters they hear in words. Once the children have mastered learning to write words, they will be taught how to write a simple sentence.

In Maths, we will learn all about the numerals 8 and 9. We will be partitioning these numbers, learning our number bonds, one to one correspondence counting and learning the formation of numbers so we can write them correctly.

CLASS TRIP to Askham Bryan Wildlife Park on Thursday 14th March

The children are excited to visit the lemurs at Askham Bryan Wildlife Park and ask the zookeepers questions about them. They will also meet lots of other animals and wildlife at the park. If you would like your child to accompany us on the class trip you must complete the Google Form to give permission by Monday 11th March. The Google Form was included in a recent email to parents. If you need help paying your contribution for the trip or need help completing the Google Form, please contact the staff in the school office.

RECYCLE and REUSE! Instead of putting these items in your bin please give them to us:

  • Birthday cards – we like to cut out the pictures on the cards and use them to make new cards.
  • Envelopes – please save the envelopes you get in the post that have a clear plastic window. We like to use them to put our pictures inside. Please do NOT send us envelopes with your address on.
  • Empty kitchen roll tubes – we like to use them to make telescopes.
  • Plastic bottle tops and corks – we like to use them in the water tray.
  • Pans, metal bowls, metal jugs and metal utensils – we use them in our outside Mud Kitchen.

LOST PROPERTY: Please write your child’s name in their uniform and inside PE kit hoodies so that we can reunite lost property with its owner. We are trying to put any lost property/unnamed uniform outside on the wooden bench on a morning and on the table outside at the end


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