Last half term, Reception received an email informing us that they would be needed for an important mission to the Moon. They carefully planned their trip and thought about what they would need to take with them, how they would get there and what they would do once they got there to complete their mission.

The big day arrived. The children logged in and picked up their astronaut passes before boarding the space shuttle and blasting off to the Moon. The children experienced weightlessness when they took off their seat-belts mid-flight!


The children and adults had a wonderful morning exploring the Moon and recovering some space craft remains.

In the afternoon the children realised that some aliens had returned to Earth on the shuttle and had no way of returning to their home planet. The children made spacecrafts for the aliens and took them home. The aliens had asked to be placed where they could see the stars so that when they were ready, they could return home to their planet.

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