We have started this half term with a seaside residential for our Year 4s and are looking forward to our local walks to the canal.


In our English, we are going to have a grammar focus on verb tense and using the various form of ‘to have’ to maintain correct tense throughout our writing. We will practise applying these skills though writing recounts, informative leaflets and story narratives.

Our class novel for this half term will be ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’  This book follows the story of Joe, an ordinary boy who finds fame after telling a local news reporter exactly what he would do if he were leader of the country. Before long, people are calling for the current leader to resign and give someone else a go . . .and that’s how an ordinary boy like Joe ended up with the most extraordinary job. Now the fun can really start.


Year 3 will be competing their chapter on volume and capacity before learning about money. Children will consolidate their recognition of different denominations (both notes and coins) and taught to add and subtract using money. It further develops the concepts related to addition and subtraction of money using number bonds as a key method.

Year 4 will be learning about fractions. Children will be introduced to hundredths, learn about mixed number fractions and improper fractions. They will learn how to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions. They will learn how to add and subtract fractions and will solve addition and subtraction word problems.

Both Year 3 and year 4 children need to ensure that they are practising their times tables at home every day as this will improve their efficiency and accuracy.


Our Geography topic for this half term is ‘UK Waterways’. We will begin by using topographical maps to learn about and locate key features of rivers and canals. We will use our walk to Woodlesford Canal to collect data around physical and human geographical features and to plot our own maps of the route we took. We will explore and compare the use of canals and rivers as well as their physical characteristics.


In Art, we are going to be focusing on and improving our sketching techniques and moving on to using watercolours. We will explore using cross hatching, and other line work techniques to add depth and shadow to our sketches. We use our trip to the Woodlesford Canal and the artist Felix Scheinberger as inspiration for our final pieces.


In Spanish, we will learn to develop our conversational skills via the topics: transport, direction and movement.


In PSHE, we will be learning about tobacco as a drug. This will include learning what is meant by the term ‘drug’, the effect of smoking and second-hand on the body, the benefits of staying smoke free or stopping smoking and medicine and support available for people who want to stop smoking.


In Music, we will be; exploring tuned and untuned percussion to create soothing music. We will sing song to accompany our percussion music, learning to sing and perform rounds.

This half term Flying Fish will be taught by Leeds Education to play drums.


Our PE this half term will be being taught differently in each class.

Octopus: Cricket and Dance

Flying Fish and Stingrays: Gymnastics and Cricket (ran by Elite Kids Coaches

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