Fergal collects tins. He likes the bargain ones without labels. The contents are always a nice – or nasty – surprise. Then Fergal finds a finger inside one tin and the word HELP inside another… And what was just a screwball hobby becomes a deadly can of worms.

This term we are reading the scary and gruesome book, Tins. It follows the life of Fergal and his quest to find out what’s been happening in the world of tins. This will be used as a stimulus for our writing as well as our History and Geography topics, Romans and The UK and Counties.


Our Maths lessons follow the Maths No Problem scheme. This is an approach taught across the whole school. This term, pupils will be learning formal written methods of multiplication and division, fractions, graphs and data analysis and time. To support their learning, children need to ensure they are practising their times tables every day at home as having instant recall of them is a much needed skill.


Spelling is taught as discrete lessons using the scheme No Nonsense Spelling as well as featuring in every lesson. Pupils carry out activities and learn strategies that allow them to investigate different rules. Pupils are not given spelling lists to learn.


This term, we are spending time learning about The Romans. We are going to look at how they impacted modern Britain, Roman Gods, Hadrian’s wall and how the Roman Empire spread across Europe.

We are also going to be creating our own Roman Mosaics that light up in our D.T lessons.


Our Geography topic is The United Kingdom and its counties. We will look at the countries of the UK, the patron saints, key physical and human features and the counties that make up England.


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This term, Year 4 are travelling to Scarborough for their residential on the 26th February. They will return three days later on the 28th February. We are all very excited. We will be visiting York Railway Museum, Scarborough Sea Life and spending a day on the beach. If you want to follow what we are getting up to, follow us on twitter @OultonSchool

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