This half-term we have been using Goodnight Mr Tom as our text in English. Using the film, children have been able to produce a piece of writing in the style of a film review. They have also produced two postcards from the perspective of Mr Tom Oakley, one as the begrudging host of evacuee Willie and the other showing a change of heart from Tom.

As our class text, we have been reading Letters from the Lighthouse: Olive’s sister, Sukie, goes missing during an air raid prior to them being evacuated to Devonshire. After finding a note that links Sukie to Devon, it’s down to Olive to solve the mystery of what has happened to her sister. Both Year 6 classes read part of this book each day with Monday’s section being read to them by a different member of teaching staff in school. The books that have been chosen to relate to our topic for the current term- World War II.



Our history topic for this term is World War II. Whilst we have looked at the geography behind the countries involved, we are looking at the key people involved and the key events that happened during the Second World War. In Art, we have been looking at sewing our own propaganda posters.


In Maths, we’re now applying what we have learnt during our Fractions and Decimal topics to help us understand how to convert different units of measurement. Alongside this, we will be looking at how our knowledge and understanding of fractions and decimals will be able to help us to work out percentages of an amount. This will then lead on to us looking at shape and space.

Five to Thrive

At Oulton, we aim to achieve a termly ‘Five to Thrive’ within each class:

1.       Planned opportunity for parental engagement

2.       An inspiring investigation

3.       A memorable experience

4.       A high-quality, stimulating book

5.       An innovative challenge.

By the end of this term, we hope to have the opportunity to invite parents into school to look at work that the Year 6 classes have produced relating to their WWII topic. As our science is about the Circulatory System, we will do an investigation into heart rate during our upcoming science week. At the beginning of the WWII topic, the children went to Eden Camp- a memorable experience for all. When deciding a book for the year group, we ensure that is suitably challenging and of a high-quality so the children enjoy reading and develop a passion for reading independently as well as a whole class. We had a Zoom workshop that focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills and provided the children with insight to a range of different opportunities. It encouraged the children to think outside the box when it came to problem-solving, communicating and teamwork.

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