In LKS2, we have lots of fantastic learning planned for this half term!


In our English, we are going to have a key focus on developing our writing skills by studying new and familiar grammatical tools. We are going to be investigating these tools and consider how to effectively implement them into our writing.

We will also begin reading our new class text – ‘The train to Impossible Places.’ In this story, we follow Suzy Smith who is very surprised when a huge magical train takes a shortcut through her downstairs hallway one evening. Staffed by trolls, the Impossible Postal Express delivers letters and parcels across a series of magical worlds connected to our own: the Union of Impossible Places.

The Train to Impossible Places Train to Impossible Places #1:  P. G. Bell, Flavia Sorrentino, Flavia Sorrentino: Books


As always, LKS2 will be working on our mental maths skills, learning and consolidating mental strategies and developing our fluency. This is an extremely important part of the Maths curriculum which is why this is a focus every half term. A big part of this is dependent on the children knowing their times tables up to 12 X 12. Children need to learning these at home and practising as often as possible.

As well as this, we will also be learning about fractions. We will learn about counting in tenths, adding and subtracting fractions, finding equivalent fractions and simplifying and comparing fractions.


For our science week this half term, we will be learning about Living Things and their Habitats. During our science week, we will learn about how we can group living things in a variety of ways, recognise that environments can change and sometimes pose danger to living things and, finally, about using classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things.

Around the World

Our topic this half term has a geography focus. We will be learning about the different continents and oceans, comparing part of Europe with a part of North or South America and using latitude and longitude to help locate countries around the world. When comparing Europe and a part of America, we will be learning about the differences and similarities in climate, population and time zones, as well as focusing on both physical and human characteristics.

What in the World - The New York Times

Art and Design

This half term we will be learning about Art from around the world. We will be looking at how dots and lines are used in Polynesian and Aboriginal tattoos and how we can use those tattoo designs to tell traditional stories from different countries.


In our PE lessons, we will be developing our skills in invasion games. Our PE days are Thursday and Friday afternoon and there are separate Year 3 and Year 4 clubs on Thursday after school. If you or your child is interested, please speak to the office or email

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