Class book: We are continuing with our class book from Summer 1: Wolf Wilder, Kathryn Rundell
A wolf wilder is the opposite of an animal tamer: it is a person who teaches tamed animals to fend for themselves, and to fight and to run, and to be wary of humans. When the murderous hostility of the Russian Army threatens her very existence, Feo is left with no option but to go on the run.

Both Year 5 and 6 have been working hard in their English lessons to find out the physical geography facts about 3 countries: Russia, Canada and United Kingdom. With this information, they have planned and written a non-chronological report aimed at Y4 pupils. It has been great to see the children to engaged and interested in finding out about countries climates and physical features.
Following on from this, Y6 are hoping to re-read their letters from this time last year and re-write one ahead of their upcoming transition to high school. It will be a great time for reflection and for them to see just how far they’ve come!
For the final part of the term, amidst all the end of year chaos, both year groups will be working on a superhero project. We know they are going to love the different activities involved in this, especially inventing their own superhero!


Year 6 will look at spirals in Maths and the different geometric patterns and shapes that can create these. We will then consolidate aspects of our learning throughout the year.

Year 5 will be moving on to geometry- where they will look at types of angles, drawing angles and finding missing angles on straight lines, around a point and in quadrilaterals. They will also begin to deepen their understanding of regular and irregular polygons.

In Spanish this half term, both year groups will be focusing on ‘The Wider World’ (el mundo a mi alrededor). The children will learn new key words and phrases relating to places in our world e.g. continents, animals, countries and the United Kingdom. They will conversate in Spanish asking each other questions such as, “Where do you live?”, and “Where is Spanish spoken?”. Not only will this enhance their Spanish skills, but their Geography knowledge too.


Year 5 will be learning about the properties of different materials during their Science this half term. They will carry out a series of tests to identify the properties of different materials and then group the materials according to their properties. There will be lots of hands on enquiries for the children to carry out as well including: testing thermal insulators, exploring how to separate different mixtures and observing irreversible changes.

In Year 6, they will be exploring Light during their Science lessons. Through this topic they will: recognise how light travels; understand how objects are seen and explore how shadows are formed. This work will lead on nicely from their Earth and Space topic in Year 5 and Light topic in Year 3.


In Art this half term, UKS2 will be working with clay to recreate some well-known British landmarks. They will first create mood boards around a chosen landmark; then they will improve their techniques working with clay; finally creating a replica of their chosen landmark.



For our music in the final half-term of the school year, Year 6 will be practising their singing in preparation for the end of year production. This year promises to be one full of catching songs and the pupils are excited to share these with friends and family when performance day rolls around!

Year 5 will continue to work on their Worlds Unite performance from last half-term.


In Geography, UKS2 will be exploring the physical geography of three countries – the United Kingdom, Canada and Russia. We will compare these countries and identify similarities and differences in what these countries are like and how this impacts the people living there. We will be using our knowledge of these countries to write fact-filled non-chronological reports in our English lessons.

Our PE this half term will be slightly different depending on which year group/class your child is in. Please see below to see which areas of PE your child will be focusing on this half term.
Blue Tangs: Swimming and Athletics
Orcas: Swimming and Athletics
Starfish: Athletics (Miss James) and Cricket (Elite)
Octopus: Athletics (Mr James) and Cricket (Elite)
Children in Octopus, Blue Tangs and Starfish will also continue to be taught by Elite Kids Coaches for one of their PE lessons.
UKS2 children are also able to attend an UKS2 Dodgeball club. If your child is interested, please contact the school office via email.


PSHE at Oulton is taught through discussion. Pupils are asked to follow classroom rules that encourage respect and the ability to discuss concerns with a trusted adult when needed.
Throughout this half-term, they will be focusing on Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco. Part of this will require the children to look at the risks associated with using different drugs,
assessing the level of risk in different situations involving drug use and learning about ways to
manage risk in situations involving drug use

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