We’ve got another busy half-term ahead of us in Year 6 but we’re very excited about our learning.


In this half term, we will be reading a range of picture books linked to our History topic- Journeys: a story of migration to Britain.

In Year 6, it’s important to read a range of books. Picture books can be very powerful and are an important tool in helping our pupils understand the wider world and experiences of others.


Our main writing focus this half term is an extended narrative telling the story of a young girl’s perspective of life in Germany in World War II. This is based on the picture book Rose Blanche.

Once we have completed our extended narratives, we will write non-chronological reports expressing the influence of migration on modern culture.


At the start of the half term, we will continue our work on geometry before moving onto statistics. As always, we will develop our mental maths skills and apply them to a range of problems.

We will begin to build in opportunities to review topics that have already been covered to strengthen our understanding.

Journeys: a story of migration to Britain

Since the beginning of time, people have moved around to live in new places. Migration didn’t begin in 1066 with William the Conqueror but we will look at the history of migration to Britain from around this time.


In Art this half term, we will study the works of Alma Thomas and Wassily Kandinsky. We will look at their contrasting styles and consider what it means to produce an ‘abstract’ piece of work.


Linking to our History topic, we will study the meaning of identity, society and equality. Our aim is to understand how individual human rights can sometimes conflict with the circumstances in a country. Ultimately, this will allow us to empathise with the experiences and challenges moving to new places might bring.


Challenging journeys are also the theme of our Music. Changes and transitions resonate through a selection of songs which we will draw together in an optimistic and uplifting song cycle.


With class teachers, pupils will be doing gymnastics. Elite Coaches will be teaching badminton.

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