I really enjoyed reading all your stories. You all had some very imaginative ideas. Well done to all those who took part. You made it very hard for me to choose the winners. I will be sending you all certificates for taking part.

KS1 Winner

Scarlotte Kirkham – £ 10 Amazon book

Mermaids Scalotte K Y1

KS2 Winner

Shawn Marsden – £10 Amazon book

Art Adventure Shawn M Y6

Runners up

Mara Apostu – £5 Amazon book

The unfortunate trip to the bubbling volcanoes Mara A Y4

Darcey Williamson – £5 Amazon book

School trip time travel Darcey W Y6

Alfie F – £5 Amazon book


Leigha S – £5 Amazon book

The Class of Cool Stuff Leigha S Y3

I will contact you all about ordering your prizes.

You can read the other entries below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Following on from the additional stories I was sent, I have chosen some additional runner-ups. 

Well done Leigha and Alfie. I will email you about your book choices. 

Well done to everyone who took part. There some amazing stories that made it very difficult for me to choose from.


Myslum Street Story James J

Trip to Mars Hanna W

Trip to the moon Helena W

Silly School Trip Keaton Blair

The Dump by Jack W Y4

The Wacky Adventures of Daniel Aden O Y6

Funny School Story Eva W Y2

Mystery Island Maria C Y4

Alastor C Y1

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