We are continuing to read our class text ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell for this half term. So far we have found out that Fred, Lila, Con and Max have been stranded in the Amazon rainforest after their plane crash landed. The children have learnt how to build a raft, foraged for food and survived piranha-infested waters. Now that they have met a mysterious man will they find their way home?


This half term we will be improving our writing and editing skills by focusing closely on grammar, punctuation and sentence structures. We will look at examples of texts, including ‘The Explorer’ to support our learning and understanding.


We are going to start the half term looking at position and movement to develop our understanding of translations and coordinates. We will also be thinking about reflection and symmetry. Following on from this we will be recapping some of the topics we have covered so far such as the four operations and place value. We will also be looking at fractions and decimals.


This half term we are covering Year 4 and Year 5’s Living Things and their Habitats units of work. We will be learning about different ways to categorise and sort animals into groups based on their features. We will use and make our own classification keys. We will then look at and think about habitats and environmental changes both at a local and global scale. We will then look at plants and try to grow our own from a parent plant – let’s hope we have some green fingered superstars among us!


We are going to be finding out about raging rivers! We will recap the water cycle from year 4 before learning the names of some key rivers in Great Britain and the world. We will learn about the features of a river such as the source and mouth and the impacts of erosion.

Design Technology

We are going to be exploring and using structures to try and build a prototype of a bridge to go over a river. We will be exploring how to build a strong structure out of the materials available to us.


We are starting the half term looking at different influences linked to the dangers of smoking and things that can cause people to smoke.


We are going to begin by recapping days of the week and numbers. This is so we can then use these and learn to tell the time.

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