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In Year 2, we have lots of fantastic learning planned for this half term!

This term, Year 2 will continue to learn more about ‘Kings and Queens’.


The children will produce writing linked to books they are reading in their Read Write Inc. groups. They will write for a range of purposes, plan their work and learn to make careful additions and revisions to what they have already written.


Children will continue to revisit learning of the four operations, resuming with work on addition before starting to look at multiplication. We will also continue to develop our fluency and mental maths skills, working on quick recall of key facts and using these to help us with other calculations.


‘Uses of Everyday Materials’ will continue this term. Children will identify and compare the suitability of everyday materials for particular uses and find out how the shapes of solid objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.


Our topic this half term has a history focus. Children will compare and contrast the life and reign of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II, as well as choosing a monarch to research as a class.


Famous portrait artist Hans Holbein will be the focus artist this term. Children will look at his portraits of Henry VIII and compare them with other royal portraits. They will then create their own regal self-portrait.

Design Technology

As part of our topic, children have already learnt lots about The Great Fire of London and what London looked like in 1666. Following on from this, children will look at Tudor houses and will then design, make and evaluate their own.


We will be looking at how and why Christians and Muslims pray, developing an understanding of its importance to those who belong to that religion.


Children will cover two computing units this half term. First, we will be creating pictures, using 2Paint to recreate different art styles, including impressionism, pointillist and surrealism art. Within this unit, we will look at several significant artists.

In our next unit, we will be making music. Using 2Sequence, children will be introduced to making music digitally, exploring harmony and building their own musical scores.


As the weather gets nicer, children will head outside to learn and play lots of team games.

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