Year 6 Teaching and Learning- Autumn

Welcome back Year 6. It is fantastic to have everyone back in school and we are looking forward to the year ahead.



Our class text is The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. This is a story of Salim Khan, who whilst visiting cousins Ted and Kat Spark, gets on the London Eye but doesn’t appear to get off. Ted retells the story of how having a brain that thinks differently to others helped his to solve this mystery.

Children will begin by writing a missing persons report for Salim before then writing a newspaper article on the young boy’s disappearance. During poetry week, we will be considering the different emotions that characters might have whilst Salim is missing and creating an emotive poem.


For this half term, we will look at the place value of numbers up to 10,000,000. We will then move on to the four operations on whole numbers. During this second chapter we will begin to look at the order of operations when we have more than one in a question.

Of course we will also be practising our times tables every week and practising our number skills too.


During our science week we will be looking at classification. We will start by considering how we can group plants and animals based on specific characteristics before doing some independent research on the Linnaean System of classification. We then use modelling clay to aid our learning of micro-organisms and harmful microbes.

Islamic Empire

Our topic this half term is the Islamic Empire. Through our topic we will learn about the rich history of the Islamic Empire and how discoveries during that time remain important even today. We will look at trading within the Islamic Empire and how Baghdad played an important role in their trade routes.

Within our topic we will also be looking at the geography of Iraq. We will look at practicing our Atlas skills as we try to locate Iraq on a map and identify the countries that surround it.


Our art this half term will be linked to the Islamic Empire. Art during this time period is very geometric and so we will be learning how to create a simple and then more complex geometric pattern to mimic the style of Islamic art. Once we have designed our pattern, we will put our use our printing skills to create a larger pattern.


In our Spanish lessons we will be learning how to describe the items around our classroom, our school uniform and talk about our family.


This half term we will be discussion and learning how to be drug wise and make good decisions based on the content we learn.


Our PE this half term will be basketball and hockey. We will be learning the key skills and tactics for these games.


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