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In Year 1, we have lots of fantastic learning planned for this half term!

This term, Year 1 will continue to learn more about ‘Kings and Queens’.


The children will produce writing linked to books they are reading in their Read Write Inc. groups. They will write for a range of purposes, plan their work and learn to make careful additions and revisions to what they have already written.

By this point in Year 1, the children should be able to develop their own ideas for writing, start most sentences with a capital letter, use their phonic knowledge to make good attempts at spelling and end some sentences with a full stop. The children should also be able to use the conjunction ‘and’ to extend their ideas and to proofread their writing to check for sense. 


This term, the children will be revisiting and consolidating addition and subtraction with a focus on doubling, halving, finding number bonds and partitioning to add.

If you would like help in supporting your child in Maths, please look at our handy ‘Calculating in KS1’ guide. 


In our science week this term, we will be looking at ‘Seasonal Changes’ around the school grounds. We will observe and describe patterns in weather, and use this as an opportunity to revisit naming plants and parts of a plant. The children will listen to stories about Percy the Park Keeper based on the four seasons.


Our topic this half term has a history focus. Children will compare and contrast the life and reign of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II, as well as choosing a monarch to research as a class.


Famous portrait artist Hans Holbein will be the focus artist this term. Children will look at his portraits of Henry VIII and compare them with other royal portraits. They will then create their own regal self-portrait.

Design and Technology 

Following on from last term, the children will select appropriate materials and tools to make their own Tudor houses and learn how to join different materials together. They will then evaluate them by suggesting ways their Tudor house can be improved and/or changed. 


The children will continue to learn about money. How people can get money in different ways (earn, presents/gifts, pocket money, borrow etc), recognising that people make choices about what to buy and cannot always have the things they want. They will identify the different reasons why people might want to save their money and know places where money can be kept safe. They will also learn that there are lots of jobs that people can do and understand that having a job means you can earn money. 


Last term, the children learnt that belonging means to feel part of something, have identified the groups to which they belong (school, family, clubs, religion) and have shared what they may do at their special place.  

They will continue this term to be shown Muslim and Christian symbols and learn what they mean. They will also identify similarities and differences between what happens at a church and mosque and learn that all churches and mosques don’t look the same.   


Children will cover two computing units this half term. First, we will be learning about ‘Coding’. Children will be introduced to coding, using the 2Code program. They will create a simple program and progress to adding their own character that moves and add sound.

In our next unit, we will begin to look at ‘Spreadsheets’. Children will learn how to navigate and manipulate them for different functions.


As the weather gets nicer, children will head outside to learn and play lots of team games.

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