This term, Year 1 will be learning about Kings and Queens.


The children will produce lots of writing linked to this half term’s topic. They will create leaflets and posters.


It’s a busy term with children learning about numbers to 100, fractions and time.


Children will return to Rothwell Park as part of their work on seasonal changes. They will compare their first visit to the park in autumn with this visit in spring.


Children will compare and contrast the life and reign of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II as well as choosing a monarch to research as a class. Children will present what they have learnt in ‘Learn with us’ assemblies on Tuesday 14th May.


Year 1 will explore what it means to belong to a church or mosque. They will learn about the Christian and Mulim faiths and the similarities and differences between the two.


My Money is the focus for this half term. Children will learn about the value of money and how we sometimes need to save our money for things we want to buy. All children in KS1 will also learn about fire safety during a visit from Rothwell Fire Station.


Mrs Thorpe has organised an exciting ‘Samba Jam’ on Thursday 16th May. All children will be invited to join in with a homemade percussion instrument.


Children will complete their Tudor houses ready for our ‘Streets of London’ exhibition and silent auction on Thursday 2nd May. We really hope you can join us!


Famous portrait artist Hans Holbein will be the focus artist this term. Children will look at his portaits of Henry VIII and compare them with other royal portraits. They will then create their own regal self portrait.


Children will gather data and use the computer to show their information as tally charts, block graphs and pictograms.


As the weather gets nicer, children will head outside to learn and play lots of team games.






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